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What should I look for when I buy camping chairs?

Folding Camping Chairs

Camping chairs have come a long way from the aluminum and plastic webbing variety many of us knew as kids. Today, camping chairs have gone high-tech, with cup holders, built in tables, and a whole lot more. Most of these models are folding camping chairs that collapse down into tiny packages you can cart around in a small carrying case.

Folding camping chairs are convenient, but like any camping chairs, they should be sturdy enough to stand up to the elements and the people who'll be using them. If you're hard on your camping chairs look for models made of steel tubing with extra strong seats and backs. Make sure they're weather resistant too, in case they get left out overnight in the rain.

Look for accessories that are well-built and will stand up to everyday use. Some tables and cup holders are flimsy and collapse easily, while others are sturdier and still set up like a breeze. Try out your camping chair in the store before you take it home to make sure it's the right choice for you.

What's a slumber chair?

Slumber Chairs

Kids will love slumber chairs. These unique chairs are just starting to show up in camping supply catalogs and online. These chairs are actually inflatable air mattresses lined with fabric. Roll them up halfway and they serve as a chair with a backrest for your kids to enjoy during the day, where they can color, read, or play games.

At night, roll out the chair flat, and it becomes a sleeping bag with its own inflatable mattress. They are very cool, and nothing is better than camping furniture that serves double duty. These chairs would be great for sleepovers, a visit to the grandparents, or just for a fun night of games at home, too.

If your favorite camping supply catalog doesn't carry slumber chairs, check your local or online retailer.

Are there really reclining lounge chairs for camping?

Lounge in Style

Camping chairs have evolved into comfortable oases away from home. Folding camping chairs now sport a variety of accessories, and the best camping chairs aren't chairs at all, but portable loungers that give the ultimate camping experience.

Most of these chairs fold up for storage and carrying, and have sturdy frames that support a lot of weight while still weighing very little. They are comfortable enough to use for sleeping out under the stars and sturdy enough to stand a pounding from the little ones.

Some of these folding camping chairs fold up enough to carry along with a backpack into the back woods, too. Others come with adjustable foot rests or head rests, and even come with variable reclining modes. Now that's comfort when you're camping!

How can I choose the right camping supply catalog?

Variety is the Spice of Life

When you shop from a camping supply catalog, you can't actually see and touch what you're ordering, so you have to be careful about choosing your camping furniture too quickly and without enough information.

You can make a trip to your local outdoor outfitter, or you can shop from a camping supply catalog that offers detailed descriptions of the items, and carries a wide variety of different brands and styles to choose from. This will give you a broader idea of what's available in camping items, and the varying costs of these items, too.

Know the reputation of your catalog merchant before you order from them, and find out about return policies. It's not a good deal if it costs you more in shipping to send the item back than the item cost in the first place!

What kinds of specialty camping chairs are available?

Specialty Camping Chairs

If you have a bad back you may worry about the affects of sitting and sleeping outdoors during your camping trip. Check your favorite camping supply catalog to see if they carry thermal chairs and sleeping pads. These pads add softness and a little support under a sleeping bag, but they are also made of a thermal material that holds the heat, which can help keep your back from stiffening up.

Some of these pads also fold to fit into folding camping chairs, so you can keep your back comfy when you're sitting around the campfire, too. The mats are thin and easy to pack into a backpack, and inexpensive. If your favorite camping supply catalog doesn't carry these pads, look for them online.

How can camping furniture from a camping supply catalog do double duty?

Stylish Camping Furniture

Turn the pages of a camping supply catalog, and the variety of products available will probably shock you. One thing about camping supplies today, especially much of the camping furniture you'll see, is how stylish it can be.

Many of the chairs and tables in any camping supply catalog would be at home on a stylish deck or patio, as well as in the great outdoors. There are deck chairs, folding tables, slings, hammocks, and lots of other gear that can be used at home, and then quickly packed up for a family camping trip.

Think about using your camping furniture for double duty at home, and you'll see that many items in any camping supply catalog are great values for home and away.

What kind of camping chairs don't take up a lot of storage space when I travel?

Cool Blow-up Chairs

One problem with camping chairs, and camping furniture in general, is that it always takes up a lot of room when you pack for your trip. Even folding chairs get bulky when you carry several at once. Luckily, someone thought of blow-up camping chairs as one solution for the problem.

The chairs lie flat for storage and you just blow them up when you arrive at your campsite. If you have a lot of happy campers, this is a great option that won't take up a lot of valuable space when you travel, or add a lot of weight, either.

Chairs come in child and adult sizes, and they add style to your campsite, too. They're also comfortable and durable. Their only drawback is they can't sit too close to the campfire on a cold evening.

Are there really portable hammocks that are easy to set up and use?

Camping Hammocks

Look through just about any camping supply catalog and you're sure to find several different styles of hammocks. That's because these comfy, cozy staples are perfect for lazing around the campsite on a summer afternoon. However, traditional hammocks are bulky and difficult to carry around, and they usually need trees or a separate support to make them work.

The perfect camping furniture solution is the portable hammock, which folds up into a neat package that you can carry just like a backpack. You can relax even if you're on a trail deep in the wilderness, and that makes camping a lot more comfortable and restful.

Look for a portable hammock with strong supports made of steel and a polyester mesh or woven body that is easy to clean and weather resistant. It should have stakes to keep it stable in the ground, too.

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