Cool Blow-up Chairs

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What kind of camping chairs don't take up a lot of storage space when I travel?

Cool Blow-up Chairs

One problem with camping chairs, and camping furniture in general, is that it always takes up a lot of room when you pack for your trip. Even folding chairs get bulky when you carry several at once. Luckily, someone thought of blow-up camping chairs as one solution for the problem.

The chairs lie flat for storage and you just blow them up when you arrive at your campsite. If you have a lot of happy campers, this is a great option that won't take up a lot of valuable space when you travel, or add a lot of weight, either.

Chairs come in child and adult sizes, and they add style to your campsite, too. They're also comfortable and durable. Their only drawback is they can't sit too close to the campfire on a cold evening.



6/4/2007 6:19:34 AM
Camping Stuff said:

Good for backpackers too, deckchairs aren't really practical if you have to walk alot. Careful not to leave them out in the sun too - the plastic can get quite hot!

12/9/2008 7:43:46 AM
Carol said:

Hot plastic - Ouch!


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