Camping Hammocks

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Are there really portable hammocks that are easy to set up and use?

Camping Hammocks

Look through just about any camping supply catalog and you're sure to find several different styles of hammocks. That's because these comfy, cozy staples are perfect for lazing around the campsite on a summer afternoon. However, traditional hammocks are bulky and difficult to carry around, and they usually need trees or a separate support to make them work.

The perfect camping furniture solution is the portable hammock, which folds up into a neat package that you can carry just like a backpack. You can relax even if you're on a trail deep in the wilderness, and that makes camping a lot more comfortable and restful.

Look for a portable hammock with strong supports made of steel and a polyester mesh or woven body that is easy to clean and weather resistant. It should have stakes to keep it stable in the ground, too.



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