Camping Gear most frequently forgotten

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What is the one thing to always remember to take camping or hiking?

Camping Gear most frequently forgotten

Batteries. The more sophisticated your camping gear toys, the more you'll rely on the performance of your batteries. GPS units, 2 way radios, range finders, flashlights, weather radios, lanterns, etc...all are rendered useless without good batteries.

The most experienced camper and hiker will occasionally forget to bring extra batteries. Bring an extra bulb for your flashlight too.



3/2/2009 2:02:03 PM
Jeremy Loy said:

Very true, And if you 4get your batteries, Theres usually not a 7/11 up at 12,000ft at the lake...
bring a little piece of steel wool with you too, if you have your extra batteries, and the wool, you wont need to carry other heavy fire starters and matches that get wet, etc. just touch the steel wool to the + & - side of the battery for major sparkage to ignite your tinder pile.


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