When Nature Calls

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How to I "go potty" outdoors?

When Nature Calls

While it is totally natural, there tends to be a looming fear surrounding bodily functions in the wilderness. We will try to dispel those fears with a clear and concise explanation of what to expect. It's not as bad as you think!

Urinating is often depicted as a man watering a tree. However, in some areas, animals, desiring the salt from our urine try to eat the tree bark or plants we pee on. Both sexes should try to urinate on rocks or sand and away from water sources. Urinating directly on the trail is often the best place.

Catholes are our outhouses in the backcountry. You simply dig a 6-8 inch deep, 4-6 inch wide hole, and defecate in it. As intimidating as it seems, many outdoor enthusiast prefer pooping in the outdoors to the indoors. By using stones under your feet and/or leaning up against a tree or downed log, the squatting position can in fact be very comfortable and is actually the most anatomically correct body position for relieving oneself! All toilet paper used in the backcountry must be packed out in a plastic bag. You might be willing to forego toilet paper and go with "natural alternatives"; clean stones, smooth sticks, moss, big green leaves and snow are all popular alternatives.



1/26/2009 3:14:41 PM
colorado climber said:

not helpful, as i allready know all this, but very true. outdoor bathrooms are amazing. it gives you like 1-5 minutes to really stop and look at the area around you. sometimes taking you places you'd never have gone otherwise since your supposed to get 500feet off the trail...who normally hikes 500 feet off the trail? last time i was out, there were 3 coyotes that walked by while i was attending nature, they smelled me and saw me, but didnt fear me, and just c continued on their path.


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