Camping with Children

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Is my child ready to camp?

Camping with Children

Camping with children is one of the true joys in family life. Take time to plan your trip carefully, this will ensure maximum enjoyment. Camping food and camping gear planning are obvious, but what about preparing your child? Many of camping's experiences can be shared prior to camping with children. You can do many of these things in your home, your backyard or at a local park. Here are some examples: Practice cooking camping recipes outdoors WITH your child, put a sleeping bag on the floor and let the child spend the night in it, get a pair of binoculars and practice with them, look at the moon and stars with your child, play "what kind of bird is that?" with your child, share camping etiquette with your child, set up your tent at home, make hot chocolate or get the idea. Helping your child become comfortable with camping activities is almost as fun as camping itself!



1/6/2009 2:42:57 PM
Jason said:

I take my kids camping as much as I can. Were in Boy scouts together as I am an Eagle scout and trying to work my son towards that goal!


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