Things to Take for Your Dog on a Camping Trip

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Is there a checklist for taking a dog along on a camping trip?

Things to Take for Your Dog on a Camping Trip

When you go camping, you want to take your family dog along! He/she doesn't want to be left at home, and you don't want to miss their company out in the great outdoors.

Here are a couple of things to take along with you to make your camping experience pleasant for everyone.

Make sure you have a good flea collar for your dog to wear in the 'wilderness.'

Be sure you take your dog's supplies, including food and water bowls, his leash, a favorite toy or two, and of course his usual food.

Take your dog's bedding with you, and make sure you have a way to elevate his bed off of the ground.

Take some doggie treats to try to keep him/her calm, and for rewards.

You also might want to have a practice run at sleeping in a tent, say, in your back yard, before you try a real overnight camping trip with your dog.



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