Cabins and Other Camping Options

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Cabins and Other Camping Options

Sierra Trading Post Tip: Outdoor camping equipment isn't always necessary when you camp out. Many campgrounds now offer cabins, cottages, and other lodging options.

If you don't have any outdoor camping equipment, and don't want to invest in any, you can still enjoy camping in a campground. Many campgrounds offer cabins, tent cabins, and cottages along with more traditional camping spaces.

Outdoor camping equipment can be expensive, and if you've never camped out before, you may try it and find it's simply not what you enjoy. If that's the case, try a cottage or cabin when you "rough it," to see if you really want to continue with camping.

If you find camping is something you really enjoy, you can always invest in good quality outdoor camping equipment a bit at a time, until you build up your outdoor camping equipment stash.

Outdoor camping equipment can take a bite out of your budget, but there are ways to still enjoy the camping experience. Shop outlet stores or watch for special sales at your favorite retailer. Ask if they carry any used equipment or have close-outs and bargains available at the end of each season. Shopping around can save you money and still help you stock up on the best outdoor camping equipment available.



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