Sleeves or Clips?

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What kind of connectors hold tent poles to the tent?

Sleeves or Clips?

Most outdoor tents use one of two styles of pole connectors – sleeves or clips. Which is best? It depends on you and your tent.

Pole sleeves hold the poles in place, just like your arms slip into the sleeves of your jacket. Sleeves are easy to use, and some of them are "continuous," so you don't have to hassle with threading the pole into numerous smaller sleeves. The sleeves make the tent easy to set up and take down.

Clips are even easier to use, and if you need more ventilation inside your tent, these are the connectors you're looking for. They are a breeze to set up, and they tend to leave larger gaps between the tent and the rain fly, which is a good thing to help reduce condensation inside the tent.



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