First Aid Supplies

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What kind of first aid supplies should I take camping?

First Aid Supplies

Part of any camping supply checklist should include a section for basic first aid supplies. Most discount camping equipment suppliers sell ready made first aid kits, but you can put your own together inside an old lunch box or other waterproof container.

At the least, your first aid kit should contain bandages, burn and antibiotic ointments, muscle wraps, antiseptic wipes, sterile gauze pads, a painkiller such as Aspirin, cotton swabs, and the basics you'd have in a home first aid kit. Bee sting and snake bite kits aren't a bad idea, either.

Don't risk camping without a first aid kit. Create a camping supply checklist for the kit, and keep it inside the lid. That way, you can keep track of what you use during your camping trip, and then replenish any supplies you need the next time you shop for discount camping equipment.



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