Beach Blanket Bingo and Other Beach Camping Games

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What are some fun family games to play at the beach?

Beach Blanket Bingo and Other Beach Camping Games

Is there anything better than tossing a Frisbee at the beach? Maybe, but your discount camping equipment should include at least a deck of cards, some beach balls, and some plans for great games on the sand.

A great beach camping game is Sand Trap, the perfect game to play out of the water. Bring along some paper cups (9 to be exact), some golf balls, small prizes, and a golf putter if you have one. The object is to putt or roll the ball into each cup, just like a game of golf. The first player to get the ball in the hole three times in a row wins a prize.

Also high on the list for hitting the road to the beach camping park are float tubes and boats. They work well in mild surf, or on a lake or river beach, and some are big enough for the entire family. Kayaks and canoes are another beach option, too, and there are even portable, blow-up models that are easy to pack, store, and blow up when you hit the beach.



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