Camping Frequently Asked Questions

Will old stove fuel be effective?

How do I practice "Leave No Trace?"

What is base camping?

What tools should I take to remove porcupine quills?

How do I choose a good sleeping bag?

Where should I locate my basecamp?

How can I find a good map source for camps online?

How big of a tent do I need?

What kind of tent should I get?

What is the one thing I shouldnīt forget to take with me when I camp?

How much distance should be between camps?

How much distance should be between tents within a camp?

Can I play my CDīs in camp?

How do I build a fire ring?

Whatīs the best way to douse a camp fire?

How do I keep dirt out of my tent?

What should be in my emergency pack?

What should I take when I car camp?

What do I need to do for my pet BEFORE we go camping?

What should I take for my pet?

Should Fido or Smokey go camping with us?

Will the weather have an impact on site selection?

Where should we store our food?

Is my child ready to camp?

What are outdoor ethics?

What should I take if I have room for it?

Whatīs the one thing I should never leave camp without?

How can I prepare myself to spend time in a remote location?

What is Geocaching?

Why does my GPS take so long to find its position when I turn it on?

How do accessories impact the total cost of a GPS unit?

How to choose a sleeping bag?

What is the "Tread Lightly!" mission?

How do I avoid a really cold sleeping bag?

Do I need a survival kit? If so what kind?

How can I minimize the chance of being struck by lightening?

Can I drink water from a lake, river or stream?

What type of first aid kit do I need?

How can I preserve body heat?

How do I choose a camp site?

Which way is east?

What are the most important survival tools?

What are some common sense tips for camping?

What drink do you recommend?

How do I make room for a roll of duct tape?

How do I get help when Iīm in the backcountry?

What is a common error in planning a trip?

Does it cost anything to enter a national park?

Whatīs a simple dessert for camping?

Can I prepare some foods ahead of camping?

Whatīs the trick for the perfect baked potato?

How much food should we take camping?

What is car camping?

What do I sit on when I camp?

What is the best way to wash dishes in a camp?

What if there isnīt a toilet around?

How do you make sīmores?

What is the best way to prepare corn on the cob?

Should the sun impact where I set my tent?

So waterīs important, is it?

How do I protect myself when camping alone?

Is it a good idea to sleep directly on the ground?

How do you fix simple meals on the trail?

How to I "go potty" outdoors?

How do we lessen our risk for becoming ill in camp?

Where should we place the latrine?

Should I put everything I need in my backpack?

What should I do prior to an overnight hike/camp?

Should I care a compass if I have a GPS Unit?

What can I do to prepare for the unexpected?

What is the one thing to always remember to take camping or hiking?

How do I care for my sleeping bag?

How do I keep ice?

Do I need a grill to cook hamburgers?

What is a good camp fire dessert?

Whatīs a fun game to play while camping?

What is another "must have" camp tool?

How do I protect my loaf of bread from being abused?

How do I transport raw eggs without breaking them?

Any other versatile tools we should be taking camping with us?

How long should we plan to camp?

How can I minimize the time I need to get packed for camping?

What about outdoor socks?

Whatīs the best way to organize all of my camping gear?

Ice takes up so much room, any ideas to reduce the space?

How do I start a fire when everything is wet?

What is a versatile piece of clothing I should have on when hiking?

Is a hat really needed when camping?

How do I keep a camping towel out of the way?

What should I look for in Hunting Binoculars?

Do I need a fishing license when I head out for a beach campground?

What kind of cooking utensils should I use when I cook on the beach?

What are some fun family games to play at the beach?

How can I keep sand out of my tent when I'm beach camping?

Can I gather driftwood for a fire when I go beach camping?

What kind of outdoor gear do I need for my dog when we go beach camping?

What should I watch out for when I visit the beach?

Can I live and work in a campground?

Why should I consider carrying a GPS as part of my camping gear?

Can't I just drink from a river or stream if I get thirsty when I'm camping?

Isn't outdoor camping equipment expensive?

Are there Ontario campgrounds that provide me with all the outdoor camping equipment I need?

What if I don't like sleeping in a tent or RV? Are cabins available at campgrounds?

What's a Ranger Campfire Program?

What kind of campground activities do campgrounds offer?

What should I do to prepare for hiking?

How can I make homemade ice cream in a can?

What are some safety activities my children can help with when we camp?

What are Junior Ranger programs in the National Parks?

What craft projects would you recommend for kids who are camping?

What kind of games should I bring on my family camping trip?

What should I do to take my toddler camping?

Why should I bring two tents when I camp with toddlers?

What kind of new, high-tech camp lights are available today?

Do I really need to use a camping checklist?

What are multi-tasking camping flashlights?

Why shouldn't I shop in campground camping stores?

Why should I include an itinerary on my camping supply list?

What kind of first aid supplies should I take camping?

What should I look for in a retailer when I shop for discount camping equipment?

I don't have a camp stove, what can I cook?

Can I prepare at least some of the ingredients at home for my camping recipes that cook on a camp stove?

How do you make an omelet in a bag?

What are some tips for easy camping cooking?

What's an easy camping cooking recipe that uses a Dutch oven?

What is foil pocket camping cooking?

How should I use and clean my Dutch oven?

Can you really create gourmet camping food without a lot of hassle?

What kind of camping chairs don't take up a lot of storage space when I travel?

What should I look for when I buy camping chairs?

Are there really reclining lounge chairs for camping?

What kinds of specialty camping chairs are available?

What's a slumber chair?

Are there really portable hammocks that are easy to set up and use?

How can I choose the right camping supply catalog?

How can camping furniture from a camping supply catalog do double duty?

Can I rent camping accessories and equipment?

Why are binoculars essential camping accessories?

Why do I need camping accessories like daypacks?

Why should I include a trekking or walking pole in my camping and hiking gear?

What should I watch out for in used camping and hiking gear?

Should I carry a knife or axe with me in my camping and hiking gear?

What should I do before I store my camping equipment?

What types of soaps and paper goods should I take camping with me?

What's a lightstick?

Why do I need bear canisters in bear country?

What kind of alternative camping tents are available?

What are pop up tents?

Where can I find high-quality discount tents?

Why are dome tents so popular?

What should I look for in family camping tents?

What kind of connectors hold tent poles to the tent?

Why do I need a footprint for my tent?

Why are Airstream trailers so popular?

What amenities does a truck camper contain?

Can I rent a motor home at a camper rental dealer?

What are the classes of motorhomes?

What's a toy hauler?

What's a pop up camper?

What are onsite rental RVs?

What do I need to know about rental RVs?

What should I look for in an RV campground?

What's a "Mini-Winnie?"

I don't camp in cold weather. Won't a discount sleeping bag work fine for me?

How can a down sleeping bag do double duty at home?

How do I care for my down sleeping bag?

What are the advantages of down versus synthetic fillings in sleeping bags?

Why should I buy mummy sleeping bags?

What's a baby sleeping bag?

Do I really need to buy a kid's sleeping bag for my child?

I'm too tall to fit in a normal sleeping bag, what should I do?

What are the "comfort ratings" for sleeping bags?

Is there a checklist for taking a dog along on a camping trip?

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