Washing dishes

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What is the best way to wash dishes in a camp?

Washing dishes

Start by heating some water in your largest cooking pan--this will be your "sink". You should have some dishwashing liquid and a scrubber sponge. When the water is warm, add a little dishwashing liquid and start washing. We have a 5-gallon water container that sits on a campstool, and has a little water spigot on the side of it, pointing downward. After washing a dish, I rinse it under the spigot and hand it to my helper for drying. I also use a brown paper bag as a dish drain in case I get ahead of him and need to set something down. Try to do all this activity on the perimeter of your campsite, and not right next to your table or tent, as it tends to leave a pretty good puddle by the time you're finished.



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