Kid's Sleeping Bags

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Kid's Sleeping Bags

Sierra Trading Post Tip: You may be temped to keep camping costs down by buying a discount sleeping bag for your children. But, if you want your kids to grow up enjoying camping out, buying a discount sleeping bag could lead to their discomfort, and even a dislike of camping.

Your cheap child sleeping bag probably doesn't carry enough insulation or filling for real comfort, and if you camp in colder weather, your child may suffer. Don't be tempted to use that slumber bag you use for sleepovers, either. They simply aren't constructed to stand up to the rigors of camping.

There are many child sleeping bags available that are still affordable and high-quality. Many manufacturers carry special lines designed just for kids, and you can find mummy and rectangular-shaped bags for kids, too.

Whether you backpack, camp, or mountaineer, don't skimp on a child sleeping bag. Think of it as an investment in the future, and in your camping future!

When you buy a kid's sleeping bag, make sure it fits your child properly, and has some room for your child to grow. A sleeping bag like this should be able to grow with your child for several seasons, and still keep your child warm in the coldest camping conditions you face. You can find a kid's sleeping bag in both mummy and rectangular styles, so choose what makes your child feel the most comfortable and secure.



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