You were never there.

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How do I practice "Leave No Trace?"

You were never there.

To practice "leave no trace" camping:

1) Choose the most durable surface available for your campsite. Rock, sand, or dry grassy meadows are your best options.
2) Always select a heavily impacted site over one with little or no signs of use.
3) Set up your tent out of site of any trails and at least 200 feet from water and game trails.
4) Move your tent every day to keep from compressing ground and depriving a single spot of light and air. 5) Vary your routes to and from water sources, and between the cooking area, food storage, and tent so you don't create paths.



1/15/2009 7:43:20 AM
Jason said:

6) Completely Extinguish your campfire, and scatter the ashes, Make 100% certain there are NO hot coals!
7) leave the site Neater than how you found it. If someone was there before you and did not practice LNT, pick up any trash they may have left behind as well.


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