Length of Stay

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How long should we plan to camp?

Length of Stay

Camp for at least two nights, if possible. There's a lot of work involved in packing, and setting up and breaking down camp. The longer you camp, the more enjoyment you'll get out of your efforts.

I think 3 or 4 nights if ideal for the average person. After, that amount of time, only the true outdoors enthusiast is still having huge fun (like me!). Most recreational campers need to get home to jobs, commitments, TV, running water, etc.



6/5/2008 12:54:40 PM
Tabatha said:

I definately agree with you. Setting up is always fun, but it always seems like so much work breaking down camp. I love long weekend camp trips or like your I love whole weeks in the woods....we dont need no stinkin showers....Jusk kidding
Camp on!

12/9/2008 7:42:48 AM
Carol said:

My best advice for the whole 'no shower' thing is: When you're living outdoors (with no showers), STAY outdoors! Have fun on your next trip.


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