The Camping Supplies Checklist

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The Camping Supplies Checklist

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Many campgrounds are located far from services such as grocery stores and gas stations, so successful camping takes planning and coordination. Many experienced campers recommend creating a checklist with all the items you'll need to take camping with you, including food, cooking supplies, fuel, clothing, and camping equipment.

Many Web Sites offer convenient checklists you can print out and use each time you get ready to head for your favorite campground. These checklists may point out areas that you might not have thought about and often list items commonly left behind on many camping trips.

Keeping a separate stash of camping supplies helps in the planning stages, too. However, a checklist helps you remember everything you need, so you're not searching your campsite for a missing item at ! Some campgrounds do have stores and gas stations, so find out what amenities your campground offers before you leave for your camping vacation.



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