Beach Safety and Camping

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Beach Safety and Camping

Sierra Trading Post Tip: Most outdoor gear suppliers sell a variety of sizes of first-aid kits, and they should always be part of your outdoor gear. Never travel anywhere without a first-aid kit, and know how to use the items inside. You should keep a pet first-aid kit handy too if you travel with your pets.

Children should know how to swim before they swim or wade in the ocean, and they should always wear flotation devices. Swim shoes are a good idea, too, as the water's edge can hide rocks, trash, and other items that could cut or bruise feet, and sometimes there are jellyfish or other stinging creatures along the shore.

Perhaps the most important part of beach safety is understanding rip currents, especially if you're visiting a non-patrolled stretch of beach. Rip currents can rip a healthy adult off their feet and out to sea, and children have little chance against these dangerous currents.

Check with your campground ranger to see if rip currents are a problem in your area, and always include a first-aid kit as part of your outdoor gear.



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