Discount Camping Supplies For Camping on Sand

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Discount Camping Supplies For Camping on Sand

Sierra Trading Post Tip: Some beach campgrounds may be located off the sand, and pegging your tent won't be a problem. However, many campgrounds allow camping right on the beach, and you'll need sturdier pegs than the slim metal variety that come with most tents.

Most discount camping equipment suppliers sell products to hande a variety of conditions. Look for handle "sand" pegs or anchors that are made specifically for soft, sandy soil. They have a pocket you bury in the sand that will keep the tent stable, even in moderate winds.

You can make your own pegs with cedar fence pickets. Drill a hole in one end that is big enough for your tent line. Tie your tent to the picket, and then bury the picket at least eight inches deep in the sand. It will hold during light to moderate winds, too.



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