Cooking on the Beach

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Cooking on the Beach

Sierra Trading Post Tip: There's nothing worse than showing up at the campground with the wrong camping gear! Luckily, you can find plenty of discount camping equipment for any camping location, from the beach to the mountains and beyond. Beach camping requires some special equipment, like beach chairs, lounges, beach towels, and of course, swimsuits.

A beach umbrella or a shade tarp is a must for beach camping, too, because too much sun can prematurely age the skin, and most beaches offer little shade. Speaking of sun, don't forget to bring along some good quality sunscreen, lip balm, and sunglasses. Bring more sunscreen than you think you'll need, and apply it often and liberally!

With a little planning and the right camping equipment, beach camping can be just as enjoyable as camping in the mountains or woods.
Don't take cheap, outdated cooking equipment with you when you camp. It can cause poorly cooked food, and it might not stand up to the rigors of beach camping. Salt water and sand can be very hard on pots and pans. Check with a professional at a discount camping equipment suppliers for the latest, safest cooking equipment for your beach camping equipment.



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