Do You Need a Camp Stove?

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Do You Need a Camp Stove?

Sierra Trading Post Tip: Ask if you can try out the camp stove at your camping supply store before you purchase it, or at least get a demonstration. Bring some of the pots and pans you plan to use on the stove, to make sure they will fit. A camp stove with a wind break/splatter guard is easier and safer to use, so look for that too when you choose your camp stove.
If you want to go gourmet in the woods, look for a sturdy, two-burner camp stove that will hold large pots and pans. The burners should be adjustable too, which will give you a full range of cooking options. The stove should also be very stable. Small models can tip, leaving your food on the ground instead of on your plates!

Most camp stoves in the U.S. use "white gas," which comes in small containers at just about any camping supply store, but there are propane and other type fuel stoves available for specialty cooking. Butane cooks evenly but is less reliable in cold weather, while white gas is more reliable in every season.

For a small family, a small camp stove may be the perfect option. For bigger meals and budgets, camp stoves can become quite elaborate. Decide what kind of cooking you'd like to do when you camp, and then choose the camp stove and the fuel that will work in your situation.



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