Campground Camping Stores and Supplies

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Campground Camping Stores and Supplies

Sierra Trading Post Tip: Sure, if you forget to pack something for your camping trip, many campgrounds offer camping stores right there in the campground. However, if you've ever shopped at these stores, you know the prices are usually much higher than what you'd pay for the same item at home, and they don't have the selection you'd find at home, either.

Don't rely on campground camping stores for last-minute items. Shop at home before you leave on your camping trip, and use a list to make sure you've gotten everything you need. Don't pay the high prices of campground camping stores, it can add a lot to the cost of your camping trip, and you may not find the high-quality items you'd find at your local camping store.

Look for a camping store that carries a wide variety of outdoor gear, and hires knowledgeable, friendly staff people that can help you with all your outdoor needs. Chances are, if you like to camp, you like other outdoor activities, and it just makes sense to shop at one place that can meet all your outdoor recreation needs.



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