Kid's Sleeping Bags

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Do I really need to buy a kid's sleeping bag for my child?

Kid's Sleeping Bags

Many sleeping bag manufacturers make kid's sleeping bags, too, in a variety of styles and shapes. These bags are just like their adult sleeping bags, but shaped to fit smaller campers perfectly.

Kids can be even more attuned to changes in temperature, and so a cheap cotton kid's sleeping bag simply won't work on most overnight camping trips. They are usually only meant for indoor sleepovers and such, not rigorous use.

In addition, the outer cotton shell can get very dirty and will not repel water and stains like a nylon outer shell will. Kid's sleeping bags are usually big enough for your child to use for several seasons as they grow into the bag, and they are more lightweight so your child can carry them in their own backpack. A kid's sleeping bag just makes sense for just about every camping situation.



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