The Baby Sleeping Bag

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What's a baby sleeping bag?

The Baby Sleeping Bag

If you have a newborn baby, chances are you're already familiar with the baby sleeping bag. This sleeping bag keeps baby from kicking off blankets in the crib and getting feet caught in crib bars, and if your baby is used to sleeping in one of these sleeping bags, it could be a great camping bag for baby, too. A baby sleeping bag looks like a cross between a sleeping bag and a garment. The bag slips over baby's head and is sleeveless, so baby can't roll inside the bag and suffocate. They are great in cribs because they keep baby from getting too cold, and some are heavy enough for outdoor use, too. Most baby sleeping bags aren't comfort rated, so you'll have to watch and see how warm your baby sleeps in one of these bags. Most experts don't advise placing your baby in one of these bags until they are at least four months old.



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