The Winnebago RV

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What's a "Mini-Winnie?"

The Winnebago RV

Winnebago seems to have become the "generic" term for many RVs, just like so many other well-known and recognized products. There's a reason for that. Winnebago is one of the oldest RV manufacturers in the country.

Located in Iowa, they build Class A and C motor homes, and may be most well known for their "Mini-Winnie," a Class C motor home that became so popular it seems you see one or two in just about every campground at one time or another.

Winnebago began building RVs in 1966, and they also build much of the cabinetry and furniture used inside their motor homes. In addition, they also have their own factory to produce all the fabrics, pillows, and cushions used in the interior design of the motor homes. They no longer build the "Mini-Winnie," but they also build Itasca motor homes.



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