Toy Haulers

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What's a toy hauler?

Toy Haulers

Toy haulers were created for the RVer who enjoys off-roading and 4-wheeling. These motorhomes for the active set are trailers with two compartments – one is an RV with living quarters, while the other is a garage for storing all the bikes, trikes, and other paraphernalia of off-roading.

Toy haulers are one of the most popular types of RVs sold today, and because of that, there are many more sizes and styles available today that weren't available even a few years ago.

Travel trailers and toy haulers tend to be cheaper than traditional motorhomes, so they are an option for growing families and young adventurers who want to hit the road in comfort and still have room for their toys.

Many motorhome rental agencies are now renting toy haulers, too, so you can try one out before you make the decision to buy.



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