What to Look for in Family Camping Tents

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What should I look for in family camping tents?

What to Look for in Family Camping Tents

If you have a big family, storage is always a problem in family camping tents. Look for a tent large enough to hold the whole crew, but there are some other features you should look for in family camping tents, too.

  • Check for plenty of ventilation panels and breathable fabric inside the tent so condensation isn't a problem.
  • Look for tents with lots of storage features, such as mesh attics, hanging pockets, and other storage areas that help keep interior tent clutter at a minimum and give enough storage for the entire family.
  • Try to find a tent with an attached awning, or bring a separate awning to add additional living space to the tent.
  • For the extra-large family, search for a tent with two doors, so the whole family doesn't bunch up when going in or out of the tent.
  • Finally, look for a coated floor that is water-resistant and won't leak.



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