Pop-up Tents

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What are pop up tents?

Pop-up Tents

Some tents are free-standing, and pop up to resemble a giant beach ball. Sometimes called self-erecting tents, these tents are so easy to set up, even the older kids can do it, and they can be moved anytime you need the space for something else.

They aren't meant for windy areas, as they aren't tied down and could quickly blow away if a wind comes up. They also aren't as sturdy as some of the four-season models, but can be quite comfortable at other times of the year. Some of these tents can be quite expensive, while others are sold as discount tents.

Be careful when you look for pop up tents, because some of these tents are really meant more as toys than actual camping tents. If discount tents seem too good to be true, they may not be up to the rigors of a real camping trip.



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