Camping Tents Options For All Seasons

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What kind of alternative camping tents are available?

Camping Tents Options For All Seasons

If you love to camp in all kinds of weather, choose a four-season camping tent to keep you cozy year round. These tents usually contain more pole supports to keep the tent from collapsing under snow loads or heavy winds. They are usually between 10 and 20 percent heavier than more traditional tents, too.

Four-season camping tents are usually domed, so snow will slip off them easily, and many come with a vestibule that is an additional buffer to wind and rain. If you want to camp in the winter, in just about any climate, you'll need a four-season tent.

Some four-season camping tents are convertible to three-season tents, you simply remove some of the poles, and that makes them lighter, too. Often four-season camping tents contain two walls, which helps keep you warmer inside, too. If you camp in a lot of different conditions, and four-season convertible tent might be the right choice for you.



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