Trekking and Walking Poles

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Why should I include a trekking or walking pole in my camping and hiking gear?

Trekking and Walking Poles

If you hike a lot when you're camping, think about investing in a good trekking or walking pole. These lightweight poles help stabilize walking up and downhill, and are a necessity when hiking in rocky or rough terrain, so be sure to include them with your camping and hiking gear. They make hiking a little easier on your knees, too.

Trekking poles come in a variety of heights geared to every individual, and they are often so durable they're stronger than steel, but much more lightweight. Some of these poles also come filled with a variety of safety accessories, such as reflective blankets, rain gear, ropes, and other necessities, so you don't have to carry extra camping and hiking gear in a backpack when you hike.

Trekking and walking poles are made from a variety of materials, from wood to aluminum alloys. Pick one that will last for years and won't wear out if you use it on rough terrain.



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