Some Easy Camping Cooking Tips

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What are some tips for easy camping cooking?

Some Easy Camping Cooking Tips

There are many quick tips to make camping cooking even easier. Here are some that make any easy camping recipe turn out perfectly any time.

  • Make soups and stews at home before you leave. You can freeze them and they will act as additional ice in your cooler until they thaw.
  • Cut up vegetables like onions, garlic, and others that won't turn brown after you cut them at home, too.
  • Cook pasta until it's about 3/4 of the way done and store in a plastic bag. You can warm it until it's done at the campsite.
  • Bring along food you don't have to cook, like granola or cereal.
  • Heavy aluminum foil is a must at the campsite. You can cook in it and wrap leftovers in it, too.
  • Bring pita bread instead of regular bread, it will hold up longer, or you can bake bread in your Dutch oven.



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