Do You Need a Camp Stove?

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I don't have a camp stove, what can I cook?

Do You Need a Camp Stove?

Many people camp for years and never invest in a camp stove. They simply do all their cooking over a fire, or don't cook at all. However, a camp stove really comes in handy for many easy camping recipes, and makes a lot of things easier, like boiling water and cooking breakfast without having to struggle with making a fire.

There are many different styles of camp stoves available. You should look for one that is steady on its feet and is big enough to hold the pots and pans you'd like to use on it. Some of the tripod models are better for backpacking, but not for cooking a big family dinner.

An easy camping recipe that doesn't require a camp stove is the Doughboy. Just heat these over a hot fire. You'll need:

  • 3/4 cup biscuit mix
  • 1/4 cup water
  • hot dogs
  • Green sticks or skewers for cooking
Mix biscuit mix and water. Make sure the dough isn't too sticky or it won't cook. Put hot dog on green stick and wrap dough around it. Cook, holding about 6-inches from the hot coals so inside will cook, and then move nearer the coals to brown.



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