Camping in the Dark

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Do I really need to use a camping checklist?

Camping in the Dark

If you've ever arrived at a campsite after dark, you know what a pain it is to set up your tent and sleeping bags in the dark. That's why good, dependable camping flashlights should be at the top of your camping checklist. If you forget the flashlights, camping won't be nearly as much fun.

There's another thing to remember to add to that camping checklist, and that's replacement batteries for your camping flashlights and other battery-powered gear. It doesn't do much good to take along a flashlight that goes dark midway through your camping trip.

Camping checklists can help you remember all these little details that might slip through the cracks, otherwise. Print one out and use it every time you go camping, and soon your camping trips will be much more organized and that much more enjoyable.



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