Bring a Play Tent

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Why should I bring two tents when I camp with toddlers?

Bring a Play Tent

A great tip for camping with toddlers – bring two tents. The smaller tent can hold toys, provide shade, and provide a space for the toddlers to play safely at the campsite. The larger tent is used for sleeping and storing sleeping bags, clothing, and all the other paraphernalia of camping.

A battery-powered tape recorder with books or songs on tape is a good idea for the play tent, too. The music will make the children feel more comfortable and at home in this new, unfamiliar environment.

Most parents recommend packing a lot more clothing, diapers, and wipes than you think you'll need. If you run out if supplies in the wilderness, you can't run down to the corner store for more! Camping with toddlers is a fun way to introduce your children to the outdoors and give them a lifelong love of camping.



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