Craft Projects for the Kids

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What craft projects would you recommend for kids who are camping?

Craft Projects for the Kids

The hike is over, the canoing is done, the camping activities for kids are over, and the kids are bored. Here are a couple of craft projects the kids can enjoy while you're camping.

  • Sandy Art - Bring some heavyweight construction paper and white glue from home. Help the kids gather some sand or lightweight soil from around the campground. Then, let them draw pictures on the paper with the glue. While the glue is still wet, pour the sand over the glue, and allow it to dry.
  • Rock Crafts - Let the kids look for rocks during your hikes and around your campsite. When they find rocks that interest them, wash them off and dry them thoroughly, then let the kids glue them together with white glue into shapes and creatures. When you get home, coat them with a layer of clear varnish to help preserve them.
These camping activities for kids will keep them busy for a while, and give them something to remind them of their camping trip.



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