Frugal Camping

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Isn't outdoor camping equipment expensive?

Frugal Camping

Do you think you need half-a-garage full of outdoor camping equipment before you head off to your favorite campground? Well, think again. Many camping "necessities" are really not all that necessary. Pare down your needs, and you can camp on a budget and still enjoy the great outdoors.

First, you don't need a stove. You can cook over a wood fire, or you can bring foods you don't have to cook, like sandwiches, fruit, granola, and such. If you have a roaring campfire, you won't need a lantern either, so scratch that off your list.

No sleeping bag? No worries! In warm climates, try sleeping on a chaise lounge, or bring along some blankets and sheets to create your own bedrolls. That means you don't need a tent either, unless you want more privacy.

The point is, you can invest in a lot of pricey outdoor camping equipment, but you don't have to. You can find a campground close by, hop in the car, and head out, enjoying the beauty of nature on a budget.



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