The Camping Supplies Checklist

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Can't I just drink from a river or stream if I get thirsty when I'm camping?

The Camping Supplies Checklist

Many campgrounds only offer "dry" camping, which means they don't have any drinkable water available at the campground. That means water will have to be one of your primary camping supplies.

Many campers forget to drink water regularly (or "hydrate"), and so, there are many backpacks which now offer water storage, too. These "hydration packs" can be used for day or overnight hiking, and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

If you don't like the idea of carting along a lot of water when you camp, consider carrying water filters or purification tablets instead. That way you can use natural water from lakes, rivers, and streams, and still guarantee it's safe and healthy to drink.

Whatever you do, don't drink directly from any natural water source! There can be bacteria in the water that can make you extremely ill.



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