Working at a KOA Campground

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Can I live and work in a campground?

Working at a KOA Campground

If you'd like to camp out and get paid for it, the KOA Work Kamper program may be just what you're looking for. All you need is an RV or camper, your camping gear, and a desire to live and work in a KOA campground.

Many KOA campgrounds need seasonal help during their busiest seasons. They often turn to RVers who would like to put down roots for a few months and earn some cash at the same time. KOA Work Kampers live in their RVs, receive KOA discounts, and also are paid for their work.

Many private and government campgrounds also need help during the busy seasons. Some look to volunteers who live in the campgrounds, collect fees, and keep the sites tidy, and receive free camping space in return. Many others pay for these services. So, if you'd like to live and work in a park for a few months or longer, look into campground program such as the one KOA offers.



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