Firewood or Driftwood?

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Can I gather driftwood for a fire when I go beach camping?

Firewood or Driftwood?

If you're planning on enjoying a fire at your beach camping park then firewood should probably be part of your outdoor gear. Some beaches have enough driftwood to gather for an evening fire or two, but many more don't offer these opportunities.

Check with the ranger when you arrive to see if driftwood gathering is allowed. Bring along firewood with your other gear just in case. Most campgrounds offer small packages of firewood for sale for a small amount. Oh, and don't forget to pack some marshmallows and sticks for toasting over that roaring beach fire!



7/7/2011 12:16:56 PM
George said:

In some areas, check with the local authorities to see if you can bring your own firewood. Some areas forbid transportation of wood from one area to another.


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