Cooking on the Beach

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What kind of cooking utensils should I use when I cook on the beach?

Cooking on the Beach

Face it; you're going to get sand in your food if you cook your food out in the open on the beach. That said, when you shop for cooking equipment for camping, check with a professional at a discount camping equipment store to find out the best type of pots and pans to use in the salty beach environment.

Many people do not recommend using cast iron at the beach, as the salt water and humid environment can rust cast iron prematurely. It's a better idea to use aluminum or stainless steel cooking utensils for cooking on the beach. Your discount camping equipment professional should be able to steer you in the right direction for cooking gear.

You can cook over an open fire if the beach has fire rings. If not, check with the beach campground before you head off to your beach adventure. They can tell you what type of cooking fires or stoves they allow.



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