Choosing a sleeping bag for Camping

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How do I choose a good sleeping bag?

Choosing a sleeping bag for Camping

To pick a good sleeping bag, consider these items:
1) Dead space is difficult to keep warm; give yourself a few inches at the bottom and top for stretching, but no more.
2) Gore-Tex shells don't allow moisture to escape, so consider Dry Loft which is breathable and resists water better than most microfibers. Ripstop is the most durable nylon/polyester shell.
3) Buy down-filled bags. Good quality bags will keep th down in place when you shake it.
4) Mummy bags are the most efficient for weight and warmth. If you're claustrophobic, the semirectangular bag is the way to go with its tapered foot, contoured hood and torso space.
Buying the right camping gear is critically important.



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