Five Golden Rules

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What can I do to prepare for the unexpected?

Five Golden Rules

1. Life itself is survival. All that changes is the environment or the conditions under which you live. When crossing our backcountry or entering a dangerous environment, do so properly equipped.

2. A quick rescue is the best rescue. Use every modern aid to make others are aware of your plight and location. No matter what the danger, good communications will prevent a survival situation evolving.

3. We only need the basics. Given that you are uninjured and functioning properly, you need only air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat and shelter from the environment. However scarce, nature supplies all of these. You must learn to adapt to whatever she provides.

4. Plan your survival. When disaster strickes think about your situation and make a plan of your basic needs. Do not needlessly expend energy or put yourself in danger without good reason.

5. Recognize that danger is everywhere. The cold can kill. The heat can kill. Wild beasts can kill. Despondency can kill. Lack of nourishment can kill. Watch, listen, think and determine the problem...learn to survive.



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