Camping Tents Options For All Seasons

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Camping Tents Options For All Seasons

Sierra Trading Post Tip: Camping tents come in many different styles and sizes. What works for one person might not suit another at all. Make sure to find out how to set up and take down your camping tent before you buy it, and know what you need in a tent, from size to what you'll use it for, before you go tent shopping.

Traditional tents aren't really your thing? Well, there are several alternatives to traditional tents. Some alternative camping tents include:

  • Screened tents or screen arbors. These enclosures look somewhat like a backyard gazebo or screened room. They are great for keeping pests away while you're eating or lazing around the campsite, but they're not very private.
  • Tailgate Truck Tents. These tents fit onto the back of a pickup's bed, and many come complete with an air mattress, so you can sleep inside the pickup bed and still have comfort and privacy.
  • Tarps and rope. Many minimalists feel you don't need a tent at all; just a tarp, a rope, and a tree branch or two will work fine. Until it rains, that is.
  • Bivy Tents. These tents fit one person very snugly, and are usually used by mountaineers and others who need minimalist shelter while they are climbing or trekking.
There are also many different types of more traditional camping tents. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and secure is the one that's ultimately right for you.



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